About the BIA


We are looking for people to rediscover St. Jacobs as a destination, let themselves be surprised by what they find.

The atmosphere – a place where people can come to escape their immediate, an easier pace, surroundings to absorb and enjoy; which may be familiar but are refreshing and reinvigorating.

The People – a unique fusion of vintage and modern, blended into a quaint setting filled with warm, friendly and happy people.

The surroundings – a picturesque rural setting full of curiosities to wander and wonder amongst.

The BIA supports these ideas by adding an administrative effort to manage common services, by adding beautification to common areas, by marketing the business members in their associated specialties and by creating events which will hopefully create more attention and provide more visitors, all of this while giving back to the local community and helping foster an environment which other like minded businesses would want to participate in.

Who we are

The St. Jacobs Business Improvement Area is an organization that is working toward ensuring a bright and prosperous future for the Village of St. Jacobs. We are made up of businesses within a geographic catchment area that is set by the Woolwich Township. The priorities and day-to-day activities are set and managed by a 10 member Board of Management, that includes an executive committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) along with a Ward Councillor from the Woolwich Township, and the support of a part-time coordinator.  Within the BIA, we have Marketing, Beautification, Events and New Business Recruitment Sub-Committees.  

  • Edward Denyer (Chair) - Eco-Cafe

    Edward Denyer is the owner/operator of Eco-Coffee Corporation. He started the venture back in 2003 and has been focused on providing the community with the highest quality roasted coffee in the region, one small batch at a time. In 2015 he moved his operation to St. Jacobs and shortly thereafter he opened EcoCafe Village Roasters, a full service espresso bar featuring all things coffee and specialty local foods. His operation landed on King St a year later and has become one of the village hubs for residents and tourists who love a great coffee experience. As one of the original BIA Board Members, he was voted in as Chair of the organization and proudly represents and advocates for all of the Village businesses.

  • Craig Miller (Vice-Chair) - Exclusive Elements, Head of Events Subcommittee

  • Vacant (Treasurer) 

  • Phil Hipkiss  - Block 3, Head of Beautification Subcommittee

  • Bob Wilbur (Secretary/Acting Treasurer) - Strategic Perspectives

  • Michael Palmer- Quarry Communications, Head of Marketing Subcommittee

  • Brittany Burgess- La Creme

  • Mike Good- Good's Garage, Head of New Business Development Subcommittee 

  • Nick Benninger- Fat Sparrow Group

  • Fred Redekop- Ward Councillor

Carrie Hipkiss - Coordinator

Leslie Kay - Social Media Manager

For more information on the BIA please visit https://www.woolwich.ca/en/doing-business/Business-Improvement-Areas-BIAs.aspx

Associate Memberships

Associate Memberships allow for businesses invested in the growth of the Village of St. Jacobs who are outside of the BIA boundaries to be involved in mutually beneficial events and marketing strategies for the town.  If your business shares a vision of St. Jacobs and would like to purchase an Associate Membership please contact coordinator@stjacobsvillage.com with a completed application form.  A yearly subscription is $300.

Community Involvement - Volunteer Hours for High School Students

We have several opportunities to provide High School Students with rewarding and enriching Community Involvement experiences within the Village of St. Jacobs.  If you are a high school student or know of a student in need of volunteer hours, please see the Community Involvement Opportunities document. If these opportunities appeal to you, please send a message to coordinator@stjacobsvillage.com.