Tea, Earth & Sky

The allure of fresh organic Tea Leaves, Essential oils and handmade Incense will invite you in to this very eclectic, ‎healing space.  Tea, Earth & Sky supports Local Artisans and shares Fair-Trade products from Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia.

We also provide many wonderful tools to support 'Mindful Living'... Meditation cushions, Malas, Crystals, Healing wands, Angel cards and metaphysical books. You will find many choices of Tradition 'Tea wares' including Japanese ceremonial Tea sets and Cast Iron teapots and teacups.

Street address:
1-1367 King St. N, St. Jacobs, ON, N0B 2N0



Hours of operation:
Sunday 12 - 5pm
Monday - Friday 11- 6pm
Saturday 10:30 - 6pm