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BIA Subcommittees 

We need your help! The Village of St. Jacobs BIA is volunteer based.  We have many projects on the go to make St. Jacobs a destination that exceeds all expectations! If you feel you can offer expertise or help on our Beautification and Maintenance, Marketing or Events Subcommittees please contact

St. Jacobs BIA Website

Is your St. Jacobs business on the BIA website?  It’s free! Please send a picture of your shop/or logo, your business information and your hours of operation to  Don’t forget to include your social links!

Book your free business photo shoot with Sylvia by contacting 

Are you running sales or events you’d like help advertised? Send us an email with the details and a graphic and we’ll get you on the Events page!

Board Meeting Schedule

The BIA normally schedules board meetings for the first Tuesday of each month. Please check back often as changes may occur.

2019 Schedule:

  • November 5, 2019 - 4pm-6pm @ Quarry Communications

  • December 3, 2019 - 4pm-6pm @ Quarry Communications

2020 Schedule:

  • January 7, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

  • February 4, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

  • March 3, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

  • April 7, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

  • May 5, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

  • June 2, 2020 - 4pm @ Quarry Communications

Past Meetings (click on dates for Minutes)

Having trouble making the 4pm Board Meeting times but have some questions, ideas or concerns? We will be hosting Quarterly BIA Socials where we can connect with fellow businesses, discuss ideas, and answer any questions. Stay tuned for the next date!

Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting will take place in January 2020. Your attendance is important and appreciated! Details to be announced shortly.

Presentation from 2019 AGM

Minutes from 2019 AGM

BIA News

FALL Newsletter

Levy Increase for 2019

The St. Jacobs BIA, in consultation with Township staff requested a Levy increase early in 2018. The process took many months and involved much communication with BIA members and business owners like yourself, through both formal and informal channels.

The reason for the requested increase resulted from the fact that Mercedes Corp was wholly dedicated to improving the Village of St. Jacobs and supporting business success for many years. As a result of the change in focus for the Mercedes Corp. business, many of the activities they undertook would no longer be funded unless the BIA were to take up the responsibility.

When the St. Jacobs BIA was formed, a very modest levy was set in consultation with the Township of Woolwich. The Board examined the current funding model as well as what would be required to maintain current standards and found that there was a need to increase the BIA operating budget.

The process was initiated in April 2018 with a request to Council to increase the levy. In May the BIA held a public meeting at which they laid out the plan and rationale for the levy increase. BIA members were invited to that meeting via e-mail and there was a notice of the meeting published in the Woolwich Observer. Those members in attendance were supportive of the need to move this request for increase forward. There were no objections raised. In June, Township staff sent notices to building and business owners in the BIA catchment area to alert them to the requested increase. BIA members were given 60 days to respond and raise objections. Having received only 2 objections after the 60 day period, Township staff made the recommendation to Council to move forward with the increase. The increase was approved at the September Council meeting.

We invite your participation in putting these levy dollars to work through activity with the BIA as we continue to provide support, promote and improve our shared resources.Thank you for your request for information regarding the levy increase.

Special Projects

Wilfrid Laurier Partnership 

The St. Jacobs BIA has partnered with WLU for a small study on local tourism within St. Jacobs. Please see the Analysis Report of St. Jacobs from Wilfrid Laurier.

University of Waterloo Partnership

The St. Jacobs BIA has partnered with the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Leisure with the University of Waterloo to collect diverse perspectives from town stakeholders and local residents in order to create a collective vision of the St. Jacobs Village.  The project will be overseen by a University of Waterloo Professor in collaboration with the BIA, and facilitated by a Graduate Research Assistant and a Ph.D Research Assistant. These are the 4 goals identified for the project:

  • To critically analyze the process of establishing a sustainable vision via place making mutually supporting rural community development and tourism interests, drawing on best practices. 

  • To determine the role of local social entrepreneurs and stakeholders in bringing about positive change to rural communities undergoing change. 

  • To determine community interests, priorities, place making ideas, via Ketso a community engagement tool which will be utilized to aid in uncovering diverse views via its facilitation on the topic of community re-envisioning. 

  • Synthesize and Represent the Development and the sharing of a toolkit including a report providing the overview of the key findings of the project, a video that follows the process of data collection and illumination of findings, and presentations to the St. Jacob’s BIA.

Data collection from the Research Assistants began Fall 2019 and will include interviews with key town stakeholders, a survey with local residents, and community workshops.  A report providing the overview of key findings, plus a video of the process of data collection and the project outcomes will be presented to the BIA at the completion of the project.